13th - 16th June 2017, in Italy


Zenergy Unlimited is a leading experiential training provider that unlocks the potential within groups and individuals - while accelerating both professional and personal growth. 

Global organisations, small businesses, startups and entrepreneurs alike have benefited from Zenergy training, its philosophy and thought leadership in collective intelligence. Our training courses are aligned with the International Association of Facilitators (IAF).



  • Understand group dynamics and the the role of facilitation in their success

  • Work with the whole person approach – the Zenergy way of facilitation – and be present to self, others and the group

  • Be confident and connected with a group, having practiced a range of interventions, processes and techniques

  • Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours and with handling group conflict effectively

  • Be able to recognise and work with different energy levels in yourself, in others and in the group


You will be the group facilitator, learning from the training and coaching of the experienced programme leaders. In a safe and supportive space you will gain clarity around your work as a facilitator and the skills you apply when working with a group.
All of our programmes are experiential and provide the opportunity to develop new skills, arrive at transformational insights and maximise your learning in a relaxing environment.


Experiential learning

Learn by doing - you will experience in the moment coaching as you facilitate sessions with fellow participants

Learn from feedback - You will receive valuable and constructive feedback from both fellow participants and programme leaders


Actionable skills

You will develop skills to facilitate any group to meet its goals

You will fine tune your ability to contribute to the development of people, groups and businesses

You will gain valuable insights into your own approach, to apply to your personal and professional life


Transformational insights

We invite you to change the way things are - be inspired to work co-operatively and explore new modes of facilitative leadership

Learning is maximised by the immersive experience designed to unleash your potential

You will develop a true understanding of interpersonal relationships by connecting with a group of like minded people

Time to unwind and  re-energise

Zenergy training is delivered in a peaceful setting.

Step back and dedicate time to your learning with space and relaxation.




Zenergy attracts a diverse group of people from many different areas of life and work.  Our community is a global network of leaders, entrepreneurs and those seeking a new way of operating from across finance, telecom, fashion, design, consumer goods and education.



There are no words to do justice to the profound learning that took place for me during the (experiential Zenergy) process but I can genuinely say that the experience was life changing…… I operate in a challenging profession [ as a school leader] where I find myself having to have all of the answers so I was completely surprised to discover that the answers were not within me but within the groups I work with and the facilitation training has given me the wisdom to see this and the tools to unlock the collective intelligence in others.” Andrew Truby, Executive Headteacher & Director of Learning Unlimited Teaching School Alliance

”The skills and understanding of facilitation which I developed during the days with Corina and the team have allowed me to revolutionise the way I approach development and training. I have been able to use many of the skills in working with external groups as well as groups within my organisation…..While facilitating a recent group, one person said to me, almost in disbelief, ‘If all our professional development in schools was like this, they would all be much better places’....Where I have noticed the biggest difference is in my ability to facilitate a group to create a purpose and culture; this has become the anchor to all my work, and the way it supports group development and collective intelligence is almost beyond words.” Liam Colclough, Head of School, St Thomas of Canterbury School

”Experiencing Zenergy I have found facilitation to be a new form of leadership...I have accessed new awareness and tools for generating powerful outcomes of groups. I have learned how to orchestrate group intelligence, where he sum of the group is greater than any individual contribution, but where every individual is fully recognised...I would recommend Zenergy to anyone, particularly a new generation of leaders.”
David Erixon. Business Transformation Consultant. Co-founder, Hyper Island. Co-founder, Doberman

”I can recommend Zenergy to anyone who plans to or already works with groups. The course provided me with all the necessary skills to facilitate a group towards a goal and more – it was an intense week of learning how to facilitate others as well as myself, and all in a welcoming environment. The experience has triggered a leap change for me personally and allowed me to meet incredible people.”
Nina Schautova, Psychologist, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank

”I recommend Zenergy’s training to anyone wanting to achieve skills in order to further contribute to the development of people, groups and businesses. I have had great value of my learnings already from stage 1 in my work and look forward to continue my training towards a diploma!
— Louise Palmstierna. CEO, Palmstierna & Co


EUR 2,000.00


  • 3.5 days of facilitation training

  • The Art of Facilitation by Dale Hunter

  • Lunch and refreshments


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