Mastering Collective Intelligence

Zenergy is the art of mastering collective intelligence through experiential facilitation training.

All our courses are experiential. We encourage our participants to play an active role and you are invited to contribute with your own experiences of collective intelligence. As a participant you get to work with facilitation hands on as you are being coached in the moment by the trainers.

Our participants come from various disciplines and are curious explorers of the most forward facing facilitation and leadership techniques (personal as well as group leadership).

The final outcome is a clear understanding on ‘Mastering Collective Intelligence’. There is a defined path to achieving the Zenergy Diploma.

We offer three levels of courses:

  • Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence
  • Stage 2: Generating Collective Intelligence
  • Master Class: Exploring Collective Intelligence

Our Zenergy Diploma are aligned with the IAF accreditation in facilitation and requires:

  • Stage 1
  • Stage 2
  • Two Master Classes
  • On-going personal development
  • A project on expanding Collective Intelligence (80 hrs)
 Illustration: The Project Twins

Illustration: The Project Twins


Stage 1: Discovering Collective Intelligence

Stage 1 of Zenergy training is an experiential course where you will be the facilitator and the course leaders are both coaches and trainers. You will gain lots of insights around how you are being as a facilitator and the skills you apply working with a group. Together with the group you will work towards discovering the power of collective intelligence.

Course outcomes

  • Understanding the role of a facilitative leader and the group development cycles.
  • Work with the whole person approach – the Zenergy way of facilitation – and to be present to self, others and the group.
  • Having practiced a range of interventions, processes and techniques appropriately within the group, you will be more confident & connected.
  • Be comfortable with a wide range of behaviours and handling conflict effectively.
  • Be able to recognise and work with different energy levels in self, others and the group. 

Course content

It's a very practical course which means that you will get access to useful and applicable tools and techniques such as: 

Setting a purpose and culture
If a group is not purposeful, it will be purposeless. 70% of problems in groups appears if purpose is not clearly stated and understood being supported by an agreed culture or contract/agreement between members in the group. You will learn how to clarify, identify and create a clear purpose and culture.

Checking in and getting present
By removing things cluttered in your attention field, you will be able to move in freely and access the full self in engaging in topics and work ahead.

Powerful listening and powerful speaking
You will get to practice several methods and sessions around powerful listening and powerful speaking to reach the utmost understanding about your self and the peers in the group.

Feedback and reflection
Zenergy works with a unique, reflective self and peer feedback tool after each of the sessions.

Working in emergence
Being fully present allows you to work with emergence. Old triggers and projections fall away. This unlocks your true potential as a participant, facilitator and leader.



»To be able to explore and learn facilitation through actually facilitating for five full days was an amazing experience. I recommend Zenergy's training to anyone wanting to achieve skills in order to further contribute to the development of people, groups and businesses. I have had great value of my learnings already from stage 1 in my work and look forward to continue my training towards a diploma!«
Louise Palmstierna
CEO, Palmstierna & Co 

»I can recommend Zenergy to anyone who plans to or already works with groups. The course provided me with all the necessary skills to facilitate a group towards a goal and more – it was an intense week of learning how to facilitate others as well as myself, and all in a welcoming environment. The experience has triggered a leap change for me personally and allowed me to meet incredible people.«
Nina Schautova, Psychologist, Project Manager, Raiffeisen Bank

»It's hard to truly articulate the full impact Stage 1 had on me, for it set off a chain of events that fundamentally changed my life for the better. More than anything else, it helped me to connect with my higher self, one that is not held back from day to day worries, which seeks a path of compassion and presence. It doesn't matter whether you are an artist, an executive or, like me, a writer, the learnings are valuable and applicable to all moments in life, where there is a constant need to connect and to empower, both ourselves and others.«
Anton Sirianni, Writer


Stage 2: Generating Collective Intelligence

Zenergy Stage 2 focuses on the key skills of Distinguishing and Generating.

Common challenges for a group can be – caught in a loop covering the same old ground, be unable to agree, have challenging power dynamics in the group, working to slow, not speaking up and lacking energy. To accelerate the group towards its purpose, leaders and facilitators need to be able to identify and work with at least 13 essentials distinctions (and there maybe more to be discovered). You will learn how to recognise whats missing and how to generate powerful interventions. This skill is how leaders and facilitators generate collective intelligence.

This way of working will build on what you have learned in Stage 1 and takes the whole person approach and working with group consciousness to an even deeper level. You will as a result learn new ways of generating collective intelligence and optimise your work in any group constellation. We encourage our participants to move onto Stage 2 as soon as possible after successful completing Stage 1 as learnings will be accelerated and more fully integrated.

Course outcomes

  • Distinguish key elements of Intentionality, Completion, Emotional competence, Intuition, Powerful listening and speaking, Safety and trust, Power with, Being with and intimacy, Ethics, Affirmation and celebration,  Fearlessness and ruthless compassion, Purpose and Culture and authentic community.  
  • Implement group processes appropriate to meeting the group purpose and maintaining a balance between task and process, and individual and group needs
  • Recognise and interrupt patterned behaviour including sabotage
  • Attend to distress in self and others
  • Demonstrate an ability to recognise and respond to the physical, mental, emotional, intuitive and spiritual levels of being
  • Demonstrate an awareness of differences in group energy and to shift the energy levels using appropriate interventions




»The Zenergy Stage 2 was a really transformative experience for me. From a professional perspective, it’s helped me work towards an understanding of who I am as a facilitator, what I’m capable of, and how I can use myself as a tool to support groups and individuals. From a personal perspective, spending a week exploring myself, others, and the power of collective intelligence was such a joy. I grew so much during that week, and continue to grow every day.«
Jim Ralley, Facilitator
Hyper Island 

»On my journey to explore collective intelligence I unexpectedly found the path to inner happiness. The Zenergy courses are the most challenging but also the most transformative learning experiences I've ever participated in. I discovered the more I gave, shared and loved the more I received thousandfold in return. These courses are much more powerful than I could ever imagine was possible. They have changed my core values, behaviour and view on how we can collaborate and cooperate successfully in a peaceful, mindful and human way across our planet.«
Per Håkansson
Digital Entrepreneur



The Master Class: Exploring Collective Intelligence

The Master Class is a 'by invitation only' event for experienced group facilitators which focuses on developing leading edge skills in facilitation. Specific aspects of exploring collective intelligence chosen by the class participants are studied in-depth towards attaining mastery.

Aspects of how to facilitate collective intelligence chosen by participants may include:

  • Expanded group consciousness
  • Presence and presencing
  • Theory U dialogue 
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Facilitated storytelling
  • Creative expression - drawing, painting and movement
  • Self Organising Networks and Groups 
  • Generating social change towards a sustainable world
  • Working with energy
  • Working with conflict
  • Analysis of group process
  • Designing organisational interventions 
  • Blended realities – face-to-face and online facilitation in various combinations 
  • Project, process and workshop design
  • Evaluation and assessment



»The business paradigm is changing very quick. Zenergy has given me the tools to be a facilitative leader – seeing and acting on people´s highest future possibility. To lead and facilitate others I need to get to know myself. For real. The Zenergy course is a very safe, challenging and fun way to get to explore yourself in the context of group work. I recommend this course to all members and leaders from any industry. The knowledge is life knowledge. Leaders in any industry need to check into the 21st century and move away form conventional positional power and truly understand interpersonal relationships and the power of facilitative leadership. I wish all the leaders of the world would go to a Zenergy course. The world would be a happier and more efficient place.«
Åsa Silfverberg
Hyper Island


More Testimonials

»I've taken several courses with Zenergy and can honestly claim that has been one of the strongest learning experiences of my life.

The course was a breath of fresh air, coming after 12 years working in a senior capacity in the advertising industry and delivered on my need for a changed perspective and the development of new skills.

In my previous role as Managing Director, I was expected to be the 'expert' and sell my version of the truth to clients. This became a more difficult and lonely task as the digital environment accelerated the rate of change and uncertainty in business. I also felt ill-equipt and unprepared for change, at managing teams, managing clients and continuously delivering effective and accountable work on behalf of the agency. Business school left me unprepared on how to embrace change, and be a leader that can best harness the resources and energy of a team.

What Zenergy provided me with was a new perspective on leadership. But rather than leading as the 'expert' or 'guru', it provided me with a toolkit for getting the best out of a team. Zenergy enabled me to get the best out of each individual within a group, creating alignment and a shared sense of purpose, and a culture in which respect, productivity and brilliance flourishes.

Apart from providing me with professional, practical skills, Zenergy has also helped me hugely in personal development. Zenergy places a strong focus on ways of being, being in the present and working with emergence. I would have no reservation in recommending this course to anyone interested in changing the way things are, working co-operatively, and exploring new modes of leadership.«

Paul McCabe
Business Transformation Consultant
(ex CEO of leading media agency in Ireland)