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Zenergy's courses in the art of Mastering Collective Intelligence attract a diverse group of people from many different areas of life and work. However, what they all seem to have in common is this nagging feeling that there has to be a better way to really harness the potential of people, particularly when we come together in groups.

Thinking about it, most of us have grown up in a world which has celebrated the achievements of The Individual – the creative genius, the mad scientist or the well read expert (with an impeccable memory). Still, today, most important innovations and advancements in business, science and society are the result of complex networks of people working together. And yet, throughout school and sometimes even at work, we don't learn how to collaborate and work together in ways that accelerate and enhance the outcomes and intelligence of the collective.

Recently the CTO of Intel, Justin Rattner, said: “Science and technology have progressed to the point where what we build is only constrained by the limits of our own imaginations.“ Now, what if the real boundaries lie in the frontiers of mastering collective intelligence? Well, that's what we believe.

But there is also another aspect emerging.  The new generations of Y and Z, and the more progressive leaders of today, do not respond well to the traditional hierarchical leadership styles of our industrial past. They seek meaning in what they do and empowerment in how they do it. Purpose overshadows profit. This demands new leadership in the 21st century to answer the challenges we face as people, organisations and the planet.

The foundation of this new leadership is the art of Mastering Collective Intelligence.

Leaders today must be able to unlock, access and engage the full potential of every person and team in their organisation. To get to the next level of creativity and innovation groups need to access places they haven’t been before. This is the role and power of collective intelligence.

Authenticity and integrity are essential in the transparent world that the digital age brings. However, with the expansion of social media we also have a dilution of skills needed to build real community, face to face. Community is a fundamental human need and we will only solve the problems and the challenges of the future collectively.
This new age of leaders is able to operate in the unknown and this requires a new set of skills – being fully present and being able to work with what emerges while still directing the group towards its purpose.

Mastering Collective Intelligence is an essential skill for leaders of enlightened organisations. 


»The Zenergy approach to facilitation has opened up a completely new domain for me. Experiencing Zenergy I have found facilitation to be a new form of leadership; a leadership rooted in co-operacy, real human connectedness and a new way of being at work. I have found all of the courses very useful, both for my professional role as leader and for my own personal development. Through Zenergy I have accessed new awareness and tools for generating powerful outcomes of groups. I have learned how to orchestrate group intelligence, where the sum of the group is greater than any individual contribution, but where every individual is fully recognised and can contribute in the best possible way. In many ways I have found the Zenergy teachings magical. I really hope that as many people as possible will experience and learn what I have. It changes the game you play. I would recommend anyone to Zenergy, particularly a new generation of leaders.«

David Erixon
Business Transformation Consultant
Co-founder, Hyper Island
Co-founder, Doberman