Our Story

Zenergy was founded in New Zealand 1993 and over 1600 people have attended our courses over the years.

Zenergy is the art of mastering collective intelligence through experiential facilitation training


Mastering collective intelligence is the deliberate exercising of collective consciousness in action (both being and doing) where we can see and recognise the steps, relationships and rational process that is contributing to the power and potential of any group. 

Collective intelligence is energy and information working together to imagine a future, explore new possibilities, address an issue or solve a problem.

At Zenergy we are contributing to new ways of working with this intelligence through facilitation ( i.e. the art of making it easier for collective intelligence to come into being) and we develop theoretical and practical frameworks, methods, processes and techniques which can be a resource for others exploring the possibilities of a whole-person, co-operative, peer partnership-approach to living and working.

We promote experiential learning methods which puts the human experience at the core of the learning process. We don't believe that you can get to these skills just by thinking. Or reading! 

Our vision is:
Whole people co-operating in a sustainable world.  

We are all learning to truly value ourselves and each other as whole people who are also part of a greater unity – the groups, organisations, communities and societies in which we live – the whole of planet Earth.  

We want to expand the possibility of a more conscious, caring and co-operative way of being and we invite you to be our partners and co-creators in this. This is a path and a journey which excites and enlivens us.

The co-founder of Zenergy, Dr. Dale Hunter, is one of the pioneers in facilitation and has trained facilitators and leaders over the past 20 years. Dale attended International Association of Facilitators (IAF) Conferences from 2001–2007 and became the Regional Representative for Australia and New Zealand from 2001.

From 2003 to 2006 she was the IAF Vice Chair International, instrumental in the development of the IAF Code of Ethics and supported the IAF Regional Representatives and their work in developing facilitator networks and conferences in many parts of the world.

Since 2011 Zenergy offers courses in Europe through Zenergy Unlimited founded by the Zenergy partners Liam Forde and Corina Roobeck.

Our People


Liam Forde


 Corina Roobeck

Corina Roobeck